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Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report – Riverston School – January 2018

Riverston School and Nursery were recently inspected by the Independent School’s Inspectorate.

In conjunction with the Compliance Inspection, our Early Years provision was also inspected for the Quality of Care and Education. We are very pleased with the overall tenor of the Early Years Foundation Stage Inspection Report where the personal development, behaviour and welfare of the children was deemed to be outstanding. Below are a few of the many positive comments detailed in the Inspection Report:-

  • Very warm and nurturing relationships between children and staff foster a positive culture and a sense of belonging across the whole setting. All staff are very supportive and encouraging of each child’s development.
  • Children are very happy, engage easily with adults and seek reassurance and support from them whenever it is needed.
  • Transition to the next stage in their learning is carefully considered ensuring that children feel emotionally secure and ready to move.
  • Parents commented on how well the staff know their children and how they feel so very confident when leaving them in their care.

(NB: Further details can be found on Riverstons website)

We are also delighted to report that the School and the Nursery was inspected against the ISI Regulations and was found to be 100% compliant in all of the 8 standards measured - with no action points identified.

Part 1 – Quality of education – Met

Part 2 – Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils – Met

Part 3 – Welfare, Health and Safety of pupils - Met

Part 4 – Suitability of staff, supply staff and Proprietor – Met

Part 5 – Premises and accommodation at schools – Met

Part 6 – Provision of information – Met

Part 7 – Manor in which complaints are handled – Met

Part 8 – Quality of Leadership in, and Management of schools - Met